There are 3 major ways you can support us. But first you might wonder why.

We do not ask for support directly, but because we do have needs  not always met, we state our needs, and if God calls you, you can support. Not many missionaries are fully commited to their cause. Most have plans to go home, whether they are or are not finished. Most missionaries preach the gospel or a false gospel using the same methods we would in America, which are usually unbiblical. Most missionaries don't actually learn the language well. Most missionaries are almost completely concerned with those "outsiders", and forget to continue in the word and prayer themselves. And it is perhaps for these reasons that Thailand is less than 1% Christian.

We at ThaiReformed are commited to working with local people, making disciples not decisions, sharing the true Gospel that is biblical and historical, providing modern recourses for those who will continue the church planting movement after we are dead, or called elsewhere, and training up Local pastors and leaders by teaching them how to study and preach the word of God.

You can support us 3 major ways:

Prayer. Check the Facebook link at the top of the page, I will ask for requests at times, or you can just pray for us when I post an update. This is real, and practical. I expect this out of all of my friends and family, as you are in my prayers.

Service. If you are Thai you can help us translate. Many important and useful recourses for Thai's have yet to be translated. We desire to develop this ministry and we will even provide a small monthly salary for you if you help us full or part time. Also, if you are looking to send teams to Thailand, please send them our way. Lots of big projects that we cant do by ourselves, but a team could complete in a couple days.

Thank you, please check out the rest of the site.