Purpose of Website

This website was previously kind of messy because i have been back and forth between weather i should use it for believers, or an outreach site, or local christians or not. 

One thing is for sure, i have lots of resources i want to provide for missionaries who come here. 
I also have a lot of resources for local christians. 

Seeing as i have another site for my school, I have desided to use that site for evangelism, seeing as there are a large number of non-believers who traffic to that site to play english flash games, and watch bible cartoons, so thats what that site is for, i have a dedicated gospel page that will eventually be bilangual there. 

This site will then be for providing resources first for anyone i know and work with here, both local, and foreign missionaries. I will have a library divided into 2 sections for all literature, and try to keep it minimalistic.

I also want to network and provide resources and links to all reformed ministries in Thailand, as well as acceptable and useful resources for church planting and evangelism. 

I want this site to have updates of my ministry here, as well as an overall plan, detailing what areas we (as reformed ministers in Thailand) should target and how we can go about influencing these areas. 

Audience of Website

The main audience will be reformed ministers in thailand, both local and foreign, and also supporters of thaireformed back home, both my family, friends, and christian brothers and sisters who support me and fang in prayer. 

Layout of Website

Library page with 2 sections, divided into 2 each, total of 4 blocks, thai section with books, and tracts section, and english section, with books and tracts as well. Also, a small area at the bottom with next translation plans (this area gets copied to translations page)

Ministries page with description of different ministries. Future section, and current section. Both with appropriate icons and links. 
1. translation ministry

Links to best resources page, embed webpages of the best resources on the web regarding a number of topics. 

Stadegy page, 1 page broken up into 7 sections, minimalistic, plans to move forward, areas in need of christian infuence, and how we as ministers can impact each area. Areas of need, how we can provide. Need, and plan. 2 sections per catagory. Simple plan page, perhaps with drop down and aditional links and embed webpages when needed. 

Support page, paypal link, section for needs (future plans and their costs), section for major projects, and fund raising progress bar. Section for successfully funded goals, and the fruit being produced. 3 sections. 

Time saving tips to implement 

Embed websites, use x to help keep things minimalistic. 

Ask these questions:

1. does someone understand within 10 seconds of looking at the page, what it is about? 
2. does the webpage attract, and encourage the reader to read on, or explore?
3. Is the website simple enough a 10 year old could navigate it? 

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